Are you tired of seeing everyone with the same jewels? Would you dare to wear something different?
At Kustom Lux we realized that each of us had a different style. That is why we believe that the important thing is to project who we are in our products. Breaking the established schemes and getting out of the ordinary is what everyone fears and few dare. What would happen if you decide to be yourself? We decided to be our own jewels. Reflecting our different tastes and personalities in them because nowadays not everything is based on the trends that society marks. Dare to be ourselves was not easy but it was worth it and you? Are you ready?


We are a group of ambitious and intrepid young university students who work together towards the same goal; Offer you sensational bursts of flavors at a simple bite. And it is possible, thanks to the gourmet products of the highest quality that we have.


We bring value to young people through innovative workshops, and our approach is to do it from a technological perspective. We want to take advantage of this new era intelligently and share our advances with the world.


Escape The City is the new revolution in entertainment. An escapism activity for all audiences, but in the street. All this through a secret route through the city center. We seek to strengthen teamwork, give true value to everything around us and, above all, bring the true essence of Madrid to everyone.


RiseWay Projects is a Junior Company Association formed by 16 young leaders and consolidated after their grouping, specialized in areas as diverse as necessary. Advised by a reference coach of the business world, the group holds two Assemblies with strict weekly periodicity. Conflict resolution, the study of teamwork or essay writing are the order of the day (given the methodology of systematic reading and reflection). Thus, the organization of the team is constantly improving and specializing. The services provided have the main objective of providing society with tools for improvement, and the cost for their services / products is always adjusted to the maximum. RiseWay is a company with a firm ethical commitment, submitting to the strictest legality and facilitating at all times, the situation of people related to it. It also has a multidisciplinary nature and its activity ranges in various fields, as well as business advice or online sales.


Aitana Hierro (CEO)

A super hardworking girl, who gives everything for and for the team. It also highlights its great excellence in the sale, is able to sell anything.

Nuria Pérez

Great help in the little things that are those that make everything work properly. Apart from being organized and a mature person, he loves that the presentations are very organized

Ignacio Cerdán

Ignacio is a punctual and accomplished person who will always be present at any meeting, event ... He also stands out for his computer skills.

Raul Rodrigéz

Able to give a sincere and empathetic opinion, he knows how to get the best out of the team in times of tension.

Manuel Lodares

Explain everything in the best and very expressive way. Cheerful at all times but serious for work.

Javier Rodríguez
(customer leader)

He has extensive knowledge about entrepreneurship and the right way to make decisions. It always has a contribution that consistently solves the problems we have today.

Cristina Molinero

It brings a point of view to different situations, which is often crucial. Always willing to give their point of view and find quick solutions to the problem.

Jonathan Cantó

A great sales with a strong character, who always wants the union of the team and who knows how to achieve it. It has an ease of bringing a thrill of union in meetings, which are perfect after a downturn.

Adela Quirós

Our partner Adela stands out for being a girl with a lot of style and who knows how to favorably represent the corporate image of the team.

Daniela Aldana

Passionate about fashion that is guided by her common sense (mostly the least common of the senses). Strong but necessary when making decisions.

Aitana Guillén

Little by little with his desire he is getting a personal and team advance that is always necessary for us.

Guillermo García

Always open to feedback and to accept their mistakes, of which you are aware that you will get the best out of each moment. This gives you the possibility of brutal learning.

Pablo Navarro

An excellent mathematician, who always brings joy to the team. He knows how to get a smile to anyone, but when he touches seriousness he knows how to behave.


With 3d design knowledge one of the most important partners in the digital and design sector.

Jorge Vicente

Despite being a little quiet, he is a cunning boy and willing to change for the team whenever he is needed.

Samuel Clavijo

A rhetoric machine, with excellent vocabulary. This helps to highlight when selling to professionals and give a serious image